Decision made to retain water assets and cease divestment process

The City of Onkaparinga will continue to own and operate its water assets following the extensive strategic review that explored potential divestment.

For the full details on the outcome please read the 15 November 2023 media release.

Background Information

Following a Registration of Interest process and community consultation in 2018, council has received proposals to reveal whether or not management of our water assets can be improved, either through sale or a different management model under continued council ownership.

The City of Onkaparinga currently owns and operates two licensed water utilities:

  • a Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS)
  • a Water Business Unit (WBU) that captures and stores recycled and stormwater for resale to local businesses

Most metropolitan councils do not manage wastewater, however in Onkaparinga we currently service several areas that do not have access to SA Water's wastewater network. The CWMS is an essential public and trade waste service provided to around 4500 households and businesses, mainly in the rural or township parts of the city.

We also provide recycled water for the irrigation of public spaces. The WBU assets harvest recycled water and stormwater which can then be pumped to irrigate ovals, parks and open spaces. These assets provide a sustainable alternative to mains water supply.

A significant investment is required to maintain and improve the operation of our stormwater recycling assets, and any future expansion of the network for the CWMS.

Click on the images below to learn more about our water assets:

Community Wastewater Management System

Water Business Unit

Water Assets Strategic Review