Latest update

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the design of the Willunga to Aldinga shared use path.

Some of the things we heard during the engagement were:

  • Safety concerns where the path crosses driveways and at some intersections
  • Concerns about the width of the verge/median separation between Aldinga Road and the path in sections where 0.5m separation is provided
  • A strong interest by residents and Friends of Willunga Basin (FOWB) group in minimising impacts to trees
  • Concerns about stormwater and road runoff management.

We have reviewed the plans for both sections of the path following the consultation.

Plans for Section 1 Flour Mill Road/Free Lane have now been finalised. The point where the path crosses from the northern to the southern side of Flour Mill Road has been repositioned approximately 150m west.

Construction of this section of the path is expected to begin in September.

We are continuing to work with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) on finalising plans for Section 2 Aldinga Road, including addressing safety concerns.


There has been a high level of community interest in the development of a cycling and walking path connecting Willunga and Aldinga for many years.

In April this year the community were advised that a route had been finalised for a shared use cycling and walking path between Willunga and Aldinga. The community were asked to share their local knowledge and suggestions to help inform the final designs for the path. Consultation closed on 4 June 2023.

Thanks to state government funding, the path will provide a 5.8km link for families, riders, runners and tourists between Aldinga Road/ Mainwaring Street intersection in Willunga and Main South Road/ Port Road intersection in Aldinga.

The shared use path will be off-road along Aldinga Road and the majority of Flour Mill Road. An on-road walking/cycling connection will be incorporated for a small segment along Flour Mill Road and Free Lane. The alignment of the path along with montages of sections of the path can be viewed on the plans.

More information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

The development of this path will meet community needs and fill an east-west gap in the shared use path network and is consistent with council’s leading cycling and trails strategic document, the Trails and Cycling Strategic Management Plan.

Further information about the background and path alignment can be found in the newsfeed below.