Construction is underway!

BluBuilt Constructions, the contractor delivering the boardwalk component of the project, is now on-site and have commenced work. They were engaged on a design and construct basis, and the design has progressed to a stage where they've ordered important materials and construction is commencing.

As part of finalising detailed design the footing design in the limestone shelf section has been changed from the intended pad footings and rock anchors to 450mm diameter bored piles. This will ensure the footings meet the required design and engineering standards in a way that will present a reduced surface area, making them less visually obtrusive compared to the initial design.

On-site work has mainly focused on getting ready for building the boardwalk. This includes doing investigations, making temporary ramps for access, putting up a temporary rock barrier in the embayment, and making the northern pathway from Christies Beach safer.

Lately, the main focus has been on putting in the footings for the boardwalk in the embayment. These footings are specially designed to handle the tides in the area. It's a big challenge because BluBuilt have to work around the changing tides every day to get this done.

Council has also been seeking additional funding from both State and Federal Governments, particularly for seawall repairs and public art projects to coincide with the Witton Bluff Base Trail project.

Positive discussions with the Coast Protection Board have led to $355,000 in State funding approved for the seawall repair project. Additionally, we are also seeking funds for the seawall repair through a Round 2 application for the Australian Government's Disaster Ready Fund.

Talks with local state members have also secured $250,000 for public art at Witton Bluff, supporting the engagement of a skilled team, including Kaurna representatives, to create and implement First Nations compositions as part of the project. We thank the Hon Chris Picton MP and the Hon Katrine Hildyard MP for this important addition to the project.

Construction information

Work will begin at the Port Noarlunga end and be staged as follows:

  • The boardwalk will commence late February 2024 and be completed late 2024
  • The seawall and path will commence late 2024 and is expected to be completed mid-2025

Construction will be undertaken during the hours of 7am and 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. There may be work outside of these hours due to site conditions such as weather.

Throughout the construction period, there will be some impacts on the surrounding area, such as increased construction traffic and noise. The boat ramp will be closed, however emergency services will still have access.

Additionally, a site office will be established in Port Noarlunga, and certain areas will have restricted access to ensure public safety.

There are two access locations that will be used to access the construction site. Click the links below to view these locations:

More information about the construction can be found in the frequently asked questions here.

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Thanks for your cooperation! We can't wait to deliver this fantastic project for the community